Thursday, March 31, 2011

We lost a good friend.

We knew John for almost 20 years; he owned the barber shop in the Williamstown Amish Market and was one of a rare kind.  Always with a smile and a big presence, we had so many good times and laughs.  I can't believe we'll never have another one of those fun times again.

He had been a smoker for a long time.  He quit at 42, which got him these last few years.  But all those years of smoking took him from us now.  He had been sick for awhile, but didn't let most of us know just how bad it was.  The end came suddenly.

He left behind his wife, his son, and his very young grandchildren.  Plus all the friends like us and his partner Janet who co-owned the business with him.  They were family to each other.

When I left the barbershop today, Janet gave me a sad smile and sad, "He loved you.  He always talked about how great you and John were."  I choked up all over again.

I begged Janet to stop smoking.  We don't need to go through this again.  And she said she at last had the reason to quit.

Goodbye, John.  I loved you too.

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