Public Domain Mickey

I'm surprised how many big companies like Life is Good are taking advantage of the 1928 Mickey being public domain. I expected the people making horror films and games plus whatever else is being done, but not regular businesses. 

I guess it makes business sense rather than licensing although licensing gives access to a bigger catalogue. Teddy the Dog just put out products; wait until they can get their hands on Pluto. I'm not saying it's bad. I like some of these products, I'm just surprised. I also remember when I brought up the public domain issue and everyone swore Disney would get Mickey back into the fold. 

I don't like someone making a movie or game for the sake of saying you screwed up the character. I'm like this with fanfiction; it's an unpopular opinion, but I like seeing people exploring the character and situations while staying true to them. So seeing Mickey, in this case, with Teddy the Dog or products people are making like Armchair Imagineer are fun things to see.


  1. I didn't have a lot of hope for Mickey when the horror movie about Pooh was made, but I really like the Life is Good merch. There's a lot of innovative unofficial merch out there. Have you seen Oswald & Sons?


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