Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Writing anniversary

 I just discovered I hit a milestone with my writing. In July 19 mumble mumble, my first story was printed in an amateur publication. I wrote it earlier that year; I wish I could remember when. The story was silly, goofy, mediocre writing at best; I think it had the word women 5 times in the first paragraph. But Roberta Rogow saw something in it or me, I guess, and as for me, I fell in love with writing. I wrote stories in school -- assignments -- and liked it, did this and that in high school, but this was serious love. Sometimes love/hate.... but I was lucky for Roberta Rogow and so many other supportive people, including readers and people in the theater. I can't believe it's been mumble mumble years. All amateur, but you never know.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

My Sliding Doors Moment


Just remembered something: I had a brush with Disney fame back in the 2000s when my friend David Anderson contacted me about a project. If you met Dave, you know he was a former Imagineer and film maker. Marty Sklar asked him to be part of a team Diane Disney Miller was forming to make the definitive documentary series on her dad, Walt Disney. She was afraid people only saw her father as the corporate symbol, not the man, and Disney had a special DVD series released in tin boxes; one of those about Walt would fit perfectly. 
Dave told me that he picked me because I had what Diane and Marty wanted: project skills, a love of Walt, a love for Disney but not a yes man, enthusiasm for the project. With their ok, he asked me. I spoke with John (I wouldv've quit my job, rent a place to live or move) and then said yes.
Somebody probably remember this because I told everybody!
Unfortunately, Disney didn't want to do the "full look at Walt" and it fell through. It happens. Diane Disney Miller and her son turned that passion into the Walt Disney Family Museum. I guess in a parallel universe, that Erin did do the project. But I'm still honored Dave thought of me & for a moment, Diane Disney and Marty Sklar talked about me. Pretty cool.


Friday, May 1, 2020

Taking a moment

there's a line at the supermarket of course so I went and got a iced coffee and I'm going to relax in my car and drink it while watching r/ made me smile. It's the little things. It's so true sometimes.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Old Soldier Meets Young Soldier | The Gap

This is so powerful: John Dennett, 95, a World War Two veteran, sits down with Ste Nicholls, 34, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


I've had a streak of bad luck lately including hurting my back and leg, so I couldn't do anything. It's messing up my Christmas.

I actually start Christmas vacation this afternoon, but the good feeling isn't there like it usually is because I'm feeling overwhelmed.

But it is Christmas! 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Lonely without my friend

I realized something: I don't have a best friend anymore. Yes, it's obvious in one way. Suzanne died. My best friend died and I miss her horribly. I miss her for herself and for our relationship.
But I also have no one else, not a best friend, not a close friend even.  I lost other friends too. Plus people like my husband and my sister Cathi have their own best friends - which is great -- but that relationship is reserved with them.

So it makes the loneliness from Suzanne worse.

Friday, August 9, 2019


The next reboots? I've heard rumors about these and they have a lot of backing.

1) Daniel Radcliffe himself is promoting this since the books and movies came out so long ago. Plus Rowling can now put all the retconning in that she's discussed or used elsewhere. Also, with the Fantastic Beasts stalled and Cursed Child having so much hate, going to a new Harry can make fans happy and bring in Gen Z (like other reboots).

) The Godfather series with Johnny Depp as Michael. Godfather is a Boomer thing and Boomers are hated. (Sorry Gen X and Y. You're lumped in there.) Don't forget, Gen Z outnumbers everyone, so you need to focus on them. And Gen Alpha are the little ones growing up with these reboots. So a new Godfather means getting that millennial and Gen Z. Despite Depp being a Boomer, he'll get their money and he desperately needs a big hit. So win-win.

3) Star Wars The Original Trilogy: another Boomer thing. Plus Lucas' fans and actors - other than Hamill - have turned on him. Add to it that Luca's universe and Abrams' don't mesh, and we've seen a ton of retconning. So, like a Potter remake, the old can be replaced with the retcon. Fans are demanding at least a movie where the actors are done in CGI (like Rogue One Leia) and we see the changes in the characters. With the movies ending soon and prequels like Kenobi and more Solo movies canceled, going back and turning the original trilogy into the Abrams universe will a big hit with fans. And Disney has more fodder for the parks.

4) The Golden Girls. Betty White said she'd do it and that's a draw right there. Their merchandise is going through a big boom, so they could take advantage. The problem would be the movement against Boomers, but it might be enough to have the three generations above millennials.
There's supposedly 121 reboots in the list including Shrek, Akira, and American Werewolf. Obviously, the majority will do well. For example, Abrams could do Harry Potter and more reboots, so they'll be successful. It can mean Universal can redo Wizarding World too with the new rebooted version of that universe. Like Disney and its properties going into the parks.

Yes, a minority will complain. I did with Trek and Wars, but it's a minority.

Google your favorites and see if they're in the list. It's interesting to see who is redoing what parts.