Thursday, July 7, 2016

World traveler!

My friend Amy toured 10 countries. Here are the photos she sent me.

Amy's trip

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Steve Hanks

I posted years ago about a print by Steve Hanks my mother got me:

I had found it and printed it out to show her because, believe it or not, the girl in it looks just like me at that age.  I even had a similar bathing suit.  And at the age, I kept asking Mom to show me how to make castles like that where you drizzle the sand with some water through your fingertips.  I couldn’t do it; clumps would drop down like bombs onto the castle and she tried to show me again, until I’d basically do the body and she’d do the towers.  I felt so triumphant the day I finally could do it myself.

Once I lost my mom, the memories and feelings the print represents has a whole other layer.  Which is why this one floored me:
I don't know how I missed this one when I found the other. But there I am again, this time playing with the edge of the waves. My mom would stand in this spot while she watched us; the water would bury her feet in the sand. That fascinated me for some reason, so I'd stand there too and watch my feet disappear further and further. If I had to really pull at them to unbury, it was some kind of triumph. I don't know why. Because I stood so long? Because they were so deep, deeper than anybody around me?

I need to get this print at some point and put it next to the other. But I really wish I could call my mom and tell her.