Thursday, August 25, 2011

Disneyland and California Adventure webcam!

Here's the webcam that I'll broadcast from my droid phone with the Ustream app!  That means I will hopefully do attractions, shows, and views from within the parks and Downtown Disney!  I arrive on Tuesday, the 16th around 5pm PST.  It's my first time using this app, so fingers crossed!

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


John met on baggage claim (there's a joke in there; let it go) and we stopped for dinner. Then lots of puppy kisses and hugs!  Now to get some sleep and deal with luggage tomorrow.

On the plane to Philly

I might even stay awake on thus flight. : )

Disneyland Express is here.

Time to go to airport.

I said goodbye to Terry early this morning.  Our time together this trip was so special, it was hard to leave. We wish we had more time.  But we look forward to seeing our families.

I wonder if she got the Ariel bus too.

Phineas and Ferb new DVD!

YES!  I hoped they would get it here today! Guess what I'm watching in the plane!

Shove these last Disney hotel shampoos into the suitcase...

... I mean, finish packing my suitcase.  Check.

Promise not to open suitcase again causing all the stuff to spill all over the place.  Check.

Promise to keep the above promise this time.  Check.

Notice hoodie isn't packed.  Curse.  Accept it has to be shoved into carry on.  Check.

Hope airport security doesn't open suitcase causing everyone on staff to have to sit on it to close it again.  Check.

Go through closets and drawers for the 100th time to make sure nothing left behind.  Check.

Swear I am leaving something behind despite all the room searches.  Check.

Hope flight isn't like this: Smiley from Check.

Face the fact that it's time to go....


One more day...

I need one more day here....

Goodbye, Walt

Thank you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I"m not bad...

...I just drive that way!

Inside Blue Bayou

This place is wonderful!

Terry said, "I just saw a lighter go by (on Pirates)." LOL

Terry and I in our Club 33 shirts

In the lobby of Blue Bayou!

Mickey's Sound-sational parade!

Really good and it's so great to see a new, original parade in the Magic Kingdom; Disney World needs to bring this to MK.

A photographer saw me dancing and cheering and had me come out on Main Street for 2 pics!

PhotoPass saved our photos.!

Nicole and M'lissa found them based on me giving a time for Mickey. From there, they got my code and pulled them. Yeah!

Hopefully, I will find the croc or will find another pair.  Meanwhile, lots of fun tonight!


i lost our PhotoPass card!  Me, of all people!  I know better!  And I still screwed up by not copying the ID on it!  What an.... all our pictures!

Then, I just saw my Pal Mickey dropped a croc!!  I'm so mad at myself!

Zip A Dee Doo Dah!

Now we are waiting for the parade, then to hotel to drop things off.  Followed by more Disneyland, Blue Bayou for dinner, and Fantasmic!


GREAT view! : )

Mark Twain riverboat

Like I said, great view from the restaurant!

Great lunch!

Fried Green Tomato sandwich (DELICIOUS) and great view at the Hungry Bear!

I just met Mickey!

On the carousel!

Having fun and magic!

We spontaneously did a character breakfast and what a great choice that was! Hook loved Pirate Mickey (terry's) and Eeyore went into captures over Carol J's litttle Eeyore!

Goodbye, California Adventure...

If you know me, I'm lousy  on my last night in a park.  And here, I may never be back.

Yes, I'm thrilled I'm here at all.  But it's hard to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is our last day and we will be in Disneyland starting at opening.  We end with dinner at Blue Bayou and Premium Dessert seating for Fantasmic.  I'll see Toontown at last, ride the Columbia,  and finish Fantasyland. 

So we're doing an earlier night tonight following finishing all the rides in CA we didn't do plus a few favorites again.  We even had dinner at Trattoria once more; love that Broccolini with campanelle pasta dish!

So tomorrow: one more time in Walt's footsteps and hopefully, the evening picture of his apartment window with the lamp glowing.

SOME people get to rest while Mickey works in the park.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aladdin show!

We are going into the next show. Can't wait - I have heard such great things about it!

I won the artist's Mickey!

In the Animation Academy!  Because I was laughing at my own through the whole thing. ;)

Up, up, and away!


Mickey's crocs and Walt shirt get a LOT of compliments!  So does my Walt 100 years of magic pin. I'll have to post a picture of it.

2 days left!

It's hitting me now: only 2 days left!  Why does vacation go so fast?

On the plus side, I see people are still looking at the California Adventure webcam!  That makes me happy!  I haven't done the other one lately because someone said the picture freezes: is that true for everyone?  Because I'd be happy to do more if it's working.

I met Flick!

The real one: David Foley!  He sat next to me in Tough to be a Bug!  Can you believe it!

He was with his family Di I just Auckland shook his hand and said how much I enjoyed all his work (like News Radio) . Such a great guy, he stopped to say hi and thank me, telling me he appreciated it.

So cool: watching the movie with the actor and enjoying his kids' reaction.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

No hands!

The guy next to ne kept saying, "I had enough of this ride now..."  Lol

Things are looking up!

Time to scream...

With fun!

We are having such a good time!  Justin at Mickey's Fun Wheel was a fantastic cast member!  He even greeted the empty cars with a Disney smile and a "I hope you enjoyed your ride. please exit this way."

We walked on to Toy Story Mania with one of the special FastPasses the cast member gave me the other day.

Now I will be on the coaster soon!  Terry is waiting, not liking coasters.

Gorgeous weather too.

To infinity and beyond!

Let's go little guy!  We have a fastpass!

Mickey's Fun Wheel!

Looking at the coaster!


The Grand California lobby


I won a $50 Disney Store Gift Card!

At the D23 Expo!  Going to go pick it up!

The Mickeys and Eeyore celebrate with a drink!

Lunch at Big Thunder Ranch

We stumbled on this place and we are so glad we did!  Great outdoor atmosphere on a beautiful day!  Good food and fun!

Keep Moving Forward

More bad luck and the expo was so disappointing that I was at the end. John said to me, "Remember why you're there: to walk where Walt walked."

And that is what I'm doing.

The Brothers

Back in line got the expo. This is nuts!  I can't believe the line is a horrible when you have your pass already!

On the other hand, I am meeting fun people like this Eeyore!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Grizzly Peak

I like how this came out!

Headed to expo!

Phineas and Ferb

Look who is screaming!

I needed to break our bad luck streak. So I came in for a ride that Terry didn't want to do anyway.  Now back to expo and TRY to see Dave Smith.  Then back to Terry.

California Screaming

Going on now


Terry fell and hurt her knee.  She had to go to first aid and now is  tucked in bed.  Poor thing... We are going she will be up for dinner.

D23 expo

Headed in!

Fan art winner

Title "Can I come too?"

Early lunch

I want to see this place.  Out has elements of the Adventures Club, and people day it's wonderful fun!  Then back to D23 expo.

I am a bit worried about finishing the parks. I haven't seen anything of California Adventure and still have a ton of Disneyland.

Look at the monorail pool slide!

Isn't that great!  I want to slide down!

Check-in st D23 was crazy, so we're going back later.  We want to check out this, hotel.

Tigger pillow pal is here.

At Winnie the Pooh ride, but not Eeyore or Pluto.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guess which famous song we will hear next!

The Small World building is so beautiful and when the figures come out for the c lock, I couldn't believe how adorable they were!

The ride is different in plenty of ways from Florida and we liked the Disney characters in it.  Only problem was Ariel who looked good, but doesn't fit at all. 

Just as we got out, the new show "Magic, Memories and You" (I'm sure I have that title wrong) started.  It is so wonderfully done!  Much more to it than I thought it would be.  I loved how it ended with Walt and the opening day greeting.  Now I'm really curious to see how Disney World does this show!

Mickey enjoying Nemo ...

With his Pal Mickey!

My Pal Mickey....

Now has his own Pal Mickey. :)

Taken in the Space Mountain queue!

Sitting in Club 33!

Club 33!

Wow!  We go in soon!

Mickey wheel!

I met the greatest cast member at little mermaid! she spoke with me for a little while hey could I have this perfect disney attitude and gave me two fast passes good for anywhere!

Having fun!

And we got hats!

Storyteller's Cafe

We are having dinner here and then exploring hotel before we go back to the park.  A were a little late for our reservation because we stood in line for Indiana Jones which was.a fun ride!

Battery is getting low!

All Ears meet!

Deb is holding a meet at the Disneyland hotel, Tangaroa Terrace!

Second day at Disneyland!

Yesterday was just as magical... I might even figure out my way around here someday :)

It didn't start so magical: I forgot my pen for Oscar to sign my vintage Carnation Cafe menu after getting to the restaurant and had to run all the way back to the hotel. Then run back to Disneyland! It was worth it! Oscar is charming, soft spoken, amazed at people wanting to meet him, and full of wonderful stories!

I saw Tiki Birds twice, once by myself and the other with Terry; it's back to the original show and I loved hearing those songs. Especially my favorite with the tiki gods drumming followed by the storm.

I also did Jungle Cruise which they've updated here! Took me by surprise! I did a webcam, like I did twice on Main Street (once from the omnibus) but my friend Carol J says the videos freeze up. Is that happening to everyone?

I then met my sister Terry and gave her the "Have a great vacation" gifts of a Roo plush and pin. We headed into the park with Terry seeing Walt's park bench for herself, then doing Mr. Lincoln! The show that led to Hall of Presidents and created the concept of attractions having "Soft Openings". We did some shopping, Terry getting us hats, and then we did the Adventureland things I had seen, so Terry could, followed by Indiana Jones. I enjoyed that. It's "Dinosaur" with the Indy story, and like Dinosaur, I don't hold on and just let the seat belt do its job. Much more fun for the ride!

We then had to hurry to Storyteller's Cafe for dinner which was delicious! I had the Four Cheese Ravioli that came in this light garlic broth that was wonderful. We explored Grand Californian, got Terry's Pal Mickey a new clip in World of Disney, and then back to Disneyland! The streets were crowded for fireworks and Fantasyland closed, so we headed for New Orleans square. I had switched Walt watches and was startled to see midnight; I realized I hadn't set this one to PST, but it made me realize Terry had been awake since 4am for her flight. Still, she said she was fine so we did Pirates. That made her tiredness hit her, so we grabbed Mouseears ice cream and jumped on the train. Perfect timing! Fireworks went on over our heads and I got peaks of Toontown!! Oh I can't wait to get there!

So earlier night and this morning I have an All Ears event: breakfast at the Disneyland hotel! Then...


So a great day in store! I better get ready!