Monday, March 21, 2011

Back injections went fine.

I had the spine injections today; everything went smoothly.  It was more than I expected it to be: I thought I went it, got a shot, and left.  But I had an IV, had to change into a gown, and go into surgery etc.  I would have left my contacts out if I had known, and I certainly wouldn't have worn black lacy underwear.  That had to look pretty stupid (and quite the ensemble with the gown, hat, and slipper socks), especially with all my fat I have now.

So now I'm laying here because they told me I'm basically allowed to do nothing for a day or so.  It can take a while before I feel any better -- up to 14 days -- and the pain can get a lot worse in the 2 days, so I know it's okay.

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