Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Funniest dog video

I first saw this a year ago and watched it nearly 10 times in a row, laughing hysterically each time. I decided to look it up, knowing I wouldn't laugh as much -- after all, I know what's coming.


I just sat here trying to hold the laughter in at work.

The first time I watched, I complained to a friend about how that sweetheart dog to the right wasn't getting ice cream. And then....

Smiley from Millan.Net

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cafe Bombay in Bristol, Pa

I recently enjoyed dinner here with my aunt and sister, and just wanted to pass along what a wonderful place Cafe Bombay is.

The restaurant itself is a cozy place that also has tables by the windows looking out on Bristol. I've never been here before and really like how they've brought this historic town back to what it was.

The food was very good and we especially loved that we could set the spicy level for every dish. My aunt and sister, for example, wanted a low heat and asked for a '3' level where I went higher with an '8'. (Next time, I'll go higher. If you like spicy, even the high levels aren't killers.)

We started with the vegetarian appetizer sampler. Wow, we could have eaten a couple of those if we didn't want entrees! Great variety with Samosa, Pakora, Spring Rolls, Lentil Donut, Bhajis, all of them really good food!

The entire meal was that way. We tried a number of different dishes like the Indian Salad, Garlic Naan bread to go with our entrees, and the desserts of Coconut Ice Cream Pie, Gulab Jumun, and the Chai Ice Cream Pie. I had the Navarathan Korma for my entree and I'd definitely have it again, but with so many options on the menu, I also really want to try it all!

That's something else I really love about here: as a vegetarian, I had MANY options! That's unusual!  If you're not vegetarian, you obviously have a ton of choices too, but just FYI: my family loved the vegetarian sampler and said they didn't miss the meat at all. In fact, we 'fought' over the items on the plate. :)

So if you are ever near Bristol, this place is a must do!