Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One Act Festival

I entered my One Act Meeting Dex to the Road Company's festival and it got accepted! John is directing it and I'm going to be in it.

We've tried twice before to perform this and something always happens to cancel the festival. I'm beginning to worry we're a jinx.
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Hopefully that won't be true this time. Another part of this: the audience votes for their favorite One Act at the end. They win a percentage of ticket sales. I would love it if mine could be the favorite after so many years and so much work to get it on stage. And who wouldn't love that recognition? But we're up against stiff competition, including other original works as well as good directors. And someone told me that they accepted all the submissions, so it's not like I beat out another play to get it and can feel that at least the story impressed the board.

My story is also poignant and people vote for comedies.  Still, I do get to finally perform it and tell myself that's enough.

If you do live in the area, consider coming to see it. Not to vote for me, but to see some good small plays. Tickets are cheap and it's a nice night.

Break a leg to everyone in the festival!