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My Christmas Village this year!

Dog shaming!

No place like home for the holidays!

Fostering Lady

I've become a dog bed

Goodbye, Disney

Phineas and Feb, baby!

Just got off of Soaring

Bon Jour, Monsieur Waffle!

Epcot on a beautiful day!

Christmas tree!

World of Disney ceiling mural

One Man's Dream

Great Movie Ride!

Third time on Star Tours!

Pal Mickey and I with our Walt shirts!

Front row seats for Beauty and the Beast!

Just rode Tower and Rock & Roller Coaster

Pal Mickey has a new pin!

It was 20 years ago today....

Fort Wilderness: We are home.

Everest, baby!

Welcome to Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Beautiful moonlit night at Epcot

My Doctor "Peanuts" Who

The mini-Food and Wine Festival

Fork of flavor!

The start of our Epcot day!

The start of our Epcot day!

Getting ready to watch Halloween Wishes

Soft opening of new Fantasyland

The Castle!


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

All Ears fan says hi!

All Ears fan remembers my Fort Wilderness tour!

Look! At Pop Century!

Anniversary present

Yeehaw Bob

We are here!

In Orlando!

What a way to start the trip!

Walt Disney World Pop Century Webcam

Rifftrax LIVE tomorrow! Birdemic!

Mobile Webcam in Walt Disney World

Talkin' RiffTrax: BIRDEMIC with Mike, Kevin and Bill

Celebrating our wedding anniversary!

Upcoming Disney trip!


Rifftrax LIVE tonight!

My Yard Goes Disney: Someone gets what I'd ask for

They don't tell you this in the Nook and Kindle commercials.

Rest in Peace, Mary Tamm

Shooting at Batman midnight show

Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show: Elephant story blooper

Goodbye, George

The Real Housewives of Disney!

Yes! We made a little difference in the world!

We need more laws based on the Christian Bible.

What is my husband really doing when he tells me he's working?

Sometimes, horoscopes get it absolutely right!

Here's how to make your wedding special!

Dreaming of a Little Dog.

Merry Christmas!