Thursday, May 16, 2019

See if Mom needs your help

OK, this doesn't go under Positive in the Moment, but I was behind a senior woman in line at a cash register. She had physical limitations; just getting her debit card out was a major effort. Her car keys dropped and I picked them up to hear her say how tough it would be to get things to her car. (It was a drug store; you can't take the shopping cart out.)

I waited half a second because they have 2 staff members -- one not doing anything at the moment -- and 2 guys. So I jumped in and said I'd go with her. The guy behind me said, "Do I got to wait for you?" I said no and loaded the things to the car, then helped the woman. 

She kept thanking me -- but here's the thing. I was frustrated in the line behind her too, thinking I'd be late for work and work so negative already. I was ashamed of that as I watched her struggle. 

People always ask me who's going to take care of me when I grow old since I have no kids; so I asked her did she have kids, expecting her to say no. But she said yes, 2 of them, but they lived far away and she wasn't going to intrude on their own lives. 

I worried about her carrying those bags when she got home, but she said she'd take her time. I wished her a Happy Belated Mother's Day and she just lit up.I hope she had a neighbor. 

Meanwhile, I wish her kids would say, Mom needs help, let's get her some since we live far away. C'mon, she's your mom and you don't want strangers around; what if they take advantage?