Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four years ago today...

John got to work like any other day. A co-worker, Jim, called him over to a car to see what was inside. John got there and saw:

A lost dog that had been abandoned and finally found his way to a co-worker's home. Jim's wife also worked with Oasis and said to John, "One of us is going to take him home" and Jim had large dogs that he worried would be too aggressive.

And that's how Rico entered our life, first as a foundling and foster who immediately got into our hearts. In one day, John told Oasis that we wanted to keep him. By the 24th, he was ours.

 One of the luckiest days in our lives: John's best buddy who helped him heal after losing our beloved Casey.

Where would we be without our snorting, snoring little man?

Monday, April 21, 2014

I had a little adventure today.

Maybe not an adventure, but a great day.

I saw a post on Facebook asking for someone to help out a local shelter by picking up a dog and taking her to her new home. I volunteered; I thought it was a little way of helping out.

When I woke up this morning, I regretted I had volunteered. I thought it was a quick drive, but it was a couple of hours. John was unhappy that I was missing work for the morning, so not a great start.

And then the shelter where I was picking up Hazel had this sign on the gate:

“Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal.”

And the people around them.

So my spirits picked up. They picked up more when I heard the enthusiasm in Carole's voice when I said I was bringing the dog to her.  I thought Hazel, my terrier/pit bull co-pilot for the day, would be timid, terrified, and shrinking from everything. Instead, I met this sweet, loving soul:

Far from timid and scared, Hazel greeted everyone with love and happiness. Despite all the hardship and abuse she had at the hands of human beings in her past, she gave us all another chance. I said to Carole later on, "She's a better person than me."

You know how much a dog has affected shelter volunteers when they come out to say goodbye. Hazel was hugged and kissed as she rolled over to get her belly scratched. As she licked hands and thumped her tail, I said, "I can see where your breed gets it's terrifying reputation."

She never barked or cried, just wagged her tail and came with me happily, jumped in the car and immediately settled in. I stopped for gas once where she charmed all the attendants around her, big huge men who whispered sweet things to her and reached in the window to scratch her ears.

When we got close to our destination, I put the top down on the car and pulled in with Hazel sitting prettily in the seat, nose up catching the breeze. She met her new people with big thumps of her tails and a large smile.

So, a few hours in the car and I was a part of brightening the world of a handful of human beings and one dog.  It picked up my spirits so much. (And I'll make up the lost hours.)

Hazel is at PAWS Montclair where she will get her weight back up. I don't know if she will be put up for adoption or if Jenny is keeping her. If she does go up for adoption, you would be foolish not to snatch her up. She is an angel, smaller than a full pit since she has terrier, sweet disposition, and gentle with everyone. You can also keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Thank you, Hazel, for a perfect morning.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Writer's block. Or inability to focus... or both.

And that's it!

Even with all the stories in my head, trying to get them from there to the "page"... uh, no. Even with writing in this blog: I have spent so many days, months, years thinking of things that I want to post and ... black hole.

This wonderful art piece is by Lissa Treiman.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now that's loyalty.

John took this picture on our last vacation:

That's my Elphie waiting for me. John, for the fun of it, tried calling her and luring her away with promises of treats. She would not budge; she would not even shift her stance one bit. I was in that shower and I might need her. So she waited for as long as it took.

I also needed protecting which is why you can just make out Daytona in the doorway. He doesn't always stay right there; he will wonder off to see John or look for trouble and/or treats. And why not? He knows Elphie never will. So I'm safe.

I usually tease about this: does she think the terrorists are going to raid our bathroom?  But I just read a series of stories about dogs jumping in between their humans and a bullet or knife or fire...

So I'm not going to joke about it today. Today I'm going to say I'm lucky to have that undying love and loyalty. I should remember it and this:

"Be the person your dog thinks you are." ― J.W. Stephens