Thursday, December 24, 2015

Already seated for the Candlelight Processional

They let us in early. We're heading Edward James Olmas;  I hope he is good!

We did a dining package for the show and ate at Spice Road.  Wonderful!  The whole night is a good way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mickey and me. ..

In front of a fireplace in Germany.

Funny thing: I found a little Irish bear here in the Germany pavilion. I guess it makes sense somehow.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Seriously, South Carolina, fix the road!  We've been doing this trip for years and nothing's been done!  It'd be nice not to need a sports bra to travel through the state!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Traveling fascinates Lizzie

We stopped a couple hours ago and are just relaxing. The weather is gorgeous, so we have all the windows open.

I'm in the mood for a Christmas movie, so that will probably be next.

Nap time

Rico and I are both burrowers. 

The trip begins!

We decided to start the journey in a fun way: the Cape May Ferry! We met a wonderful couple and they took this picture for us. We took one of them,  of course!

The weather is amazing!  Mild, no wind. I thought we'd be stuck in the car because it would be cold. Luckily look at us just in jean jacket and a hoodie!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Village for 2015

It grew again! Mostly because:
  1. I got new tables that gave me more room. It meant I could put the monorail in the Disney section.
  2. My sister Gerry gave me a couple buildings and my sister Terry gave me the turnstiles, plus the blue spots. Blue for my dad; he only those lights for our tree.
Plus I have a purple street sign, added things to Fort Wilderness, and more. I love the village, obviously. And I love expanding it for more Christmas spirit.

But remember! It's not to scale since the pieces -- such as ornaments, pins, houses, monorail set, etc - aren't meant to go together.  So please enjoy the spirit of it.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

In the hospital AGAIN!

Something attacked the nerves in the right side of my face. I'm getting all these tests. Probably is Bell's Palsy and will be nothing lasting. I'll be glad to go home though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Comcast service

Why do you tell support the same thing three or four times and they STILL ask you the same thing over and over again?!

If I tell you multiple times that only the outgoing server gives errors, don't give me the incoming settings! I already told they're fine!

I aslo already told you my account number and what software I have. It hasn't changed from the first time I told you.

Do they ignore what you said or they not paying attention? It's such a waste of time to go through the same thing repeatedly, not to mention a very aggravating experience!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fun Home: Syndney Lucas sings Ring of Keys at the Tony's

John's latest favorite soundtrack is the Broadway Musical "Fun Home". He saw Sydney Lucas' performance on the Tony Awards and was sold. He played Ring of Keys at least 8 times in a row (as well as the whole CD a few times) and told me I had to see Lucas' performance.

Good God! I can't believe someone else gave a better performance than brilliant actress. (I know I didn't see the other actress' perform, but c'mon.) She pulls off this entire song by herself; no one interacts her to cue reactions. Absolutely amazing!

Congratulations to her vocal coach and Fun Home for not only keeping her voice a girl's vs turning her into a little adult, but they celebrate it. In fact, all of her is 11. I'm blown away by her acting. Sydney's performance in this song alone makes me want to see the whole Tony Award winning show.

The lyrics talk about sexuality discovery, but as creators Jeanine Tesori and Alison Bechdel said, it actually is about discovery your identity and and beginning to answer the question: who am I?

Video recording is from Playwire:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pal Mickey - Happiest Hipster on Earth

I fell in love with this artwork by Jerrod Maruyama called the Happiest Hipster on Earth:

If you know me, you know I still adore my Pal Mickey, the plush interactive tour guide that Walt Disney World created years ago. Last year at some time -- maybe the summer -- I decided to try and make the hipster outfit for my Pal Mickey.

It took a lot of looking! A lot of dying and making things work right. 

But now, FINALLY I have his outfit complete. Here it is!

Here's the full photo set I took:

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I'm so happy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Funniest dog video

I first saw this a year ago and watched it nearly 10 times in a row, laughing hysterically each time. I decided to look it up, knowing I wouldn't laugh as much -- after all, I know what's coming.


I just sat here trying to hold the laughter in at work.

The first time I watched, I complained to a friend about how that sweetheart dog to the right wasn't getting ice cream. And then....

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cafe Bombay in Bristol, Pa

I recently enjoyed dinner here with my aunt and sister, and just wanted to pass along what a wonderful place Cafe Bombay is.

The restaurant itself is a cozy place that also has tables by the windows looking out on Bristol. I've never been here before and really like how they've brought this historic town back to what it was.

The food was very good and we especially loved that we could set the spicy level for every dish. My aunt and sister, for example, wanted a low heat and asked for a '3' level where I went higher with an '8'. (Next time, I'll go higher. If you like spicy, even the high levels aren't killers.)

We started with the vegetarian appetizer sampler. Wow, we could have eaten a couple of those if we didn't want entrees! Great variety with Samosa, Pakora, Spring Rolls, Lentil Donut, Bhajis, all of them really good food!

The entire meal was that way. We tried a number of different dishes like the Indian Salad, Garlic Naan bread to go with our entrees, and the desserts of Coconut Ice Cream Pie, Gulab Jumun, and the Chai Ice Cream Pie. I had the Navarathan Korma for my entree and I'd definitely have it again, but with so many options on the menu, I also really want to try it all!

That's something else I really love about here: as a vegetarian, I had MANY options! That's unusual!  If you're not vegetarian, you obviously have a ton of choices too, but just FYI: my family loved the vegetarian sampler and said they didn't miss the meat at all. In fact, we 'fought' over the items on the plate. :)

So if you are ever near Bristol, this place is a must do!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Walt Disney World Commercial: Uncle Joe 2004

I look for Disney commercials that I like so I can see them again once they no longer run. I remembered one where a dad with his 2 little girls talk about Uncle Joe. He appears dressed like the genie. His brother asks, "Are those my pants?" and you expect an argument. Instead, the dad tells his brother with a smile, "You look nice."

I finally found it and got a surprise when I did. Who plays Uncle Joe? Eric Stonestreet -- Cam on Modern Family. :)

Here's the commercial:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One Act Festival

I entered my One Act Meeting Dex to the Road Company's festival and it got accepted! John is directing it and I'm going to be in it.

We've tried twice before to perform this and something always happens to cancel the festival. I'm beginning to worry we're a jinx.
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Hopefully that won't be true this time. Another part of this: the audience votes for their favorite One Act at the end. They win a percentage of ticket sales. I would love it if mine could be the favorite after so many years and so much work to get it on stage. And who wouldn't love that recognition? But we're up against stiff competition, including other original works as well as good directors. And someone told me that they accepted all the submissions, so it's not like I beat out another play to get it and can feel that at least the story impressed the board.

My story is also poignant and people vote for comedies.  Still, I do get to finally perform it and tell myself that's enough.

If you do live in the area, consider coming to see it. Not to vote for me, but to see some good small plays. Tickets are cheap and it's a nice night.

Break a leg to everyone in the festival!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Reason (to you from all your rescue dogs)

I would've died that day if not for you.
I would've given up on life if not for your kind eyes.
I would've used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.
I would have left this life believing that all humans don't care
Believing there is no such thing as fur that isn't matted
skin that isn't flea bitten
good food and enough of it
beds to sleep on
someone to love me
to show me I deserve love just because I exist.
Your kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands
Your big heart saved me...
You saved me from the terror of the pound,
Soothing away the memories of my old life.
You have taught me what it means to be loved.
I have seen you do the same for other dogs like me.
I have heard you ask yourself in times of despair
Why you do it
When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes
You open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little tighter
Make just a little more save one more like me.
I tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes
In the best way I know how
Reminding you why you go on trying.
I am the reason
The dogs before me are the reason
As are the ones who come after.
Our lives would've been wasted, our love never given
We would die if not for you 
I seriously need to go home and hug my dogs.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to working out

I've lost a lot of weight. I'm 3 pounds from where I wanted to be but if I stay at this weight, I'll be happy.  Here's a before and after picture.  The After photo is blurry but you get the idea.

I'm still thick around the middle and need overall toning, so I started working out again. I'm hoping I don't put pounds on from the exercise because I really like wearing clothes that I couldn't fit into for years.   From Millan.Net