Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the team!

Holiday greetings from the AllEars.Net team to all of our readers and viewers!

Filmed during December to Remember at Walt Disney World!

If you would like to send a message to Deb and the team, please do it!  We would love to hear from you!  Here is our feedback form for the video or leave your comments here, and I will pass them to the team!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Daytona and the Christmas village

On his first Christmas!

Thank you to my friends and family for my new additions like the Disney carousel for the Disney Main Street section and the Polar bear and friend taking pictures in Santa Village, and the Griswolds with their Christmas tree on the car roof. They're going past the Simpsons.

I love my village!  Merry Christmas!

Location : 1225 Tulip Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a wonderful world....

... if we just open our eyes to it.  You may even see penguins actually fly:

Were you ever the person in Disney's Flights of Wonder who took the owl photo?

Did you get a shot like this?!

The last few seconds are the most amazing!

Monday, December 19, 2011

2,371 pictures!

That's how many I have from vacation! Of course, I'll find a bunch of blurred ones and lousy ones...

and also pictures of menus. (Plus Where in the World and wallpapers for LOL!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


We got in at 8:30 and got Chinese food to eat while we finished unpacking.  (I have been craving since watching Big Bang theory last night.)

I feel like vacation was a year ago.

Location : 1225 Tulip Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094,

The AllEars team dinner...

Was going on this time last week.  I sat surrounded by friends in a place I never would have seen if not for Deb and the team.

It's an honor to know you. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, my friends.

Location : Aberdeen, MD 21001,

Electrical fire on I95!

Just saw an electrical fire starting in some trees alongside 95 in Maryland. John said we didn't need to call, but I did anyway. I just felt I had a responsibility, even if it ended up being unnecessary.

And it was. someone had called already, but I am still glad I did too, just in case.

Location : Baltimore Beltway, Catonsville, MD 21228,


Out of the Carolinas at last!

Location : Skippers, VA 23879,

Can you find the nose in this picture?

That is the only bit of Rico that is showing out of the blanket, and I had to move the camera around to find that.  :)

I thought the South was warm!

It's COLD!

I HATE it!  It's cold!  I hate it! It's cold!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stopping for the night.

At the Green Acres campground at exit 53 in South Carolina. Our friends Carol and Gary recommended it and were here a couple nights ago.

John says it is a little chilly here. But they have a nice dog park. If only Daytona's Fort Wilderness friends were here.

John is going to set up and I will take pups to the park.

Goodbye, Disney World.

Goodbye, Fort Wilderness. Thank you for another wonderful vacation. I hate leaving.

Another gorgeous day. Last night, we watched Osbourne Lights and Fantasmic in 70 degrees weather, t-shirt and shorts. Tomorrow night, we will have snow flurries. Sigh.

Good thing I have my Mouseketeer cookie to cheer me up. Seems barbaric to bite his little head off though. I will close my eyes so I don't see his cuteness.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fort Wilderness decorations on webcam

Here's the recorded video:


Sundaes at Ghirardelli's!  Stretching out the end of vacation!


I still get goosebumps at the finale... It's the kind of thing that I imagine Walt Disney loving.

Show them how it's done, Mickey!

The white angel for Jennings Osbourne

At the Osbourne lights


This Mickey us on the pavement at the Studios!

Disney dining suddenly gave us 2 extra sit down dining credits! So we may do Trails End for breakfast before we leave.

We leave... WAAAaa!!!!

We are movie stars!

We were just in a Disney video! It will be at the motor stunt show (I just found out).

Now I am headed for the cat member store!


I met a cast member last night who is taking me to the cast member store today!


At the dog park, I found out a guy I was talking to all week lives 5 miles from us in our town and is a trooper who knows our nephew! He was also a RV salesman before he was a state trooper and knows some people John knows.

We probably passed each other on the grocery store a million times. :)


At the dog park, I found out a guy I was talking to all week lives 5 miles from us in our town and is a trooper who knows our nephew! He was also a RV salesman before he was a state trooper and knows some people John knows.

We probably passed each other on the grocery store a million times. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Electric Water parade on webcam!

At 9:45

Look at this custom golf cart!

Made to be Santa's sleigh and reindeer! Rudolph's head even moves back and fourth!

Look at this custom golf cart!

Made to be Santa's sleigh and reindeer! Rudolph's head even moves back and fourth!


Poor John is in a lot of pain, so we are cutting our day in the park sorry so he can go back to lay down.

I wish I knew what to do to get rid of his back pain.  :(  It is ruining his vacation.

Check it out!

It's the Circle of Life, people!

Ohana means family

Family means being glad one if you got a good home.


Poor John is in a lot of pain. He is going back to lay down.  I am going to poke sounds a bit and then follow him.

I wish I knew what to do to get rid of his back pain.

Animal Kingdom!

Fingers crossed I get in the parade! I dressed hoping to catch their eye. :)

By popular demand....

The Pal Mickey for my Pal MIckey... Now has a Pal Mickey of his own. ;-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family portraits at the dog park

Our friend Carol C. took this picture if her husband Gary with their dogs Zak and Blue, plus us and our pups. Note that Elphie is the only one not looking at the camera. She did that in our family picture at Animal Kingdom too. Lol!

Cat Cora is here in person!

She walked right by John into her restaurant. I was getting menus for AllEars and missed her.  You can't say I don't sacrifice for the team. Lol!

The Boardwalk has a new Stitch's Bakery gingerbread shop plus another gingerbread set up that we will go back and DeeDee in more detail after dinner.  They even have a QR code to get a video on how they made it!

We met this wonderful couple here celebrating their 60th anniversary!  I can't imagine. Our tables were actually held up while Cat Cora did something and we all jokes about how we are going to give her a piece of our minds - except John who said he was going to rat us all out if he meets her.  :)

Dear Mickey,

I got my Ears at last. Hope to see you in your parks. - Eeyore

Animal Kingdom Lodge

the Christmas tree!

We came here to have lunch at Mara's. When i was here the lay time - with Barrie in our AllEars shirts - I was a rock star with cast members all excited about seeing us. Today, it if Humble Town.  Lol!

John just had to point out the hot tub on the map! "The pin killer," he called it because I dropped an expensive electric pin in it once (right after he said be careful)  and it took 2 cast members to get it out. And while they nicely have me a new pin, John had never leery me line it down. ;)

Beautiful day here at the World!

Even after Rico escaped his collar and ram for 3 campsites and than hid under a truck, while Daytona wanted to Erin with the Fort Wilderness segway tour and Elphie pulled in a different direction.

We have to run errands - get dog food etc. - so we left property. I can feel the Magic leave my body. But Join just noticed a Hooters restaurant and us feeling good.  ;)

Rico enjoys the dog park

Goodby Magic Kingdom

I don't wanna go!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When you get caught between the moon

and Cindy's castle...

We are taking a break at the Sleepy Hollow refreshment area while we wait for the parade. Sounds like it is coming now!

And what a great view, right?!

Surprise treat!

John just surprised me with this ice cream in a Santa Mickey mug!

Magic kingdom Fireworks on webcam!


can you say Magic

Castle Christmas lighting show at 6:15

Watch on webcam!

Going to the pay!

having breakfast with two great people

I am meeting my friends Barrie and Masayo at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian for breakfast. I am so looking forward to seeing them again although it means saying goodbye.  :(

John unfortunately hurt his back again and can't get up from bed, so he's missing out. So are Deb and Linda. Another :(.

we have to stay out of the park for 2 days. wish we had our annual passes but we will find other things to do and it will help johns back to rest.  we just have so much to do in the parks that we wish we had at least 1 more day on our tickets.  we are hoping to do the christmas party tonight, we will have to see have johns back is feeling.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Epcot Illuminations on webcam


Waiting for Epcot's Candlelight Processional

We are front row, near center for Nell Patrick Harris to be the speaker!

Dinner in Marrakesh restaurant was delicious. The service was fast too.

I went on Facebook to look for pictures of the AllEars events -people said they saw some with us - but I couldn't find then or reviews for the Fort Wilderness tour.I did see wonderful comments on the weekend from the readers that are just amazing. I am trying to think if what I want to say in response.

Going back into Epcot...

via the Boardwalk.

I forgot to mention earlier that John was going into each nation's pavilion and telling then, This is my second favorite country!

Ahhhhh, Christmas.. The time of sincerity...  ;)

Dinner in Morocco

Then Neil Patrick Harris in the Epcot Christmas Candlelight Processional!

Service dogs highly recommend

Disney strollers.  :)

I have seen more Service dogs on this trip than ever before!

I also found an open Disney wifi network.  Booyah!

Peaceful afternoon

John and I are walking around Epcot's World showcase, watching the different holidays around the World presentations, like Pere Noel in France. We also saw the France movie, my favorite post was John falling asleep, seeing me watching him, and pretending he was alert, intently pointing out something.

Deb speed to talk with us in the UK pavilion, and we said Goodby in car we do not see her at breakfast tomorrow. I hate the goodbyes.

We also saw Ray and Masayo which was great.

Truth to tell, we are in Japan and John got me a plum wine. Now I am feeling sleepy...

But John is saying, I am ready to go now.  ;)

Going on Test Track!

Come join us on the webcam!

Ohana means family...

Four legged and two legged.

It's raining!

But of course, that doesn't stop the fun. We are packing umbrellas and ponchos and headed out.

We cleaned up and slept in, so we have a later start. But it is vacation. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dessert party at American Pavilion parlor

It rained earlier, so the dessert party was moved in here. some people decided to watch Illuminations from here. I was going to go to the view area at Italy, but now I am curious to see what it looks like from here.

Deb speaks to the team...

And gives a gift to Glo (Ann original Ducky Williams Donald piece.

With this special spot, with Candlelight Processional outside and Deb's wonderful words... such a beautiful night.

View from American Pavilion parlor

Wow!!!!! This place is beautiful!

Headed to the American Pavilion...

And the AllEars team dinner. Deb had kept the location a surprise, but I am guessing the lounge at the top of the pavilion. Any location will be wonderful!

Headed for the American Pavilion

And the AllEars team dinner. Deb has kept the location as a surprise (I'm hoping it is the lounge wet the to of the pavilion).  :)

Dion "Ducky" Williams

The presentation is beginning!

I cannot believe we are beginning our final AllEars day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deb Wills starts our Osbourne lights celebration

Sigh... I could watch those forever...

I got a kiss from Mickey!

(at the Studios dessert party.) You guys are so jealous!

I also took a Disney character quiz and it said I was quiet. So true...

Haunted Mansion....

Will be the last ride and then Martin and I will head back for dinner.  I really looked having this time with him.

Looks like they added more tombstones.I heard Annelle from Adventurers Club did the voice out here. And you can play the organ!

Zip a dee doo dah!

We got wet! :)

Splash mountain is such a fun ride, and

I love me some gospel singing chickens!

Zip a dee doo dah!

We got wet! :)

Splash mountain is such a fun ride, and

I love me some gospel singing chickens!

Webcam, going to Magic Kingdom

Check it out

Last night's tour

Sorry about no webcam. People came over a half hour early and I was running around immediately and all night. I will go or on the cart with the webcam one night next week for a decorations broadcast.

I also how to broadcast from the Rosie's meet a little later. But now, One Man's Dream!

Hanging with the hyenas!

At breakfast in the prop room!

I gave Ray Sharpton the t-shirt all of the AllEars team here signed as a thank you for all if his support on Facebook with December to Remember.

We just got off Toy Story where I smoked John on the last board! We are coming out and people are asking, Where you at the breakfast?! How was it?!"  "Awful," someone said to make them feel better, then turned away and said, "awfully fantastic!!!!"

Hanging with the hyenas

At  breakfast

Good morning!

we are here in the dark for the first meet of the day:  Toy Story Masonic

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Webcam: Fort Wilderness Christmas decorations tour!

Around 6:30, I hope to bring you my Fort Wilderness decorations tour!  (Notice I said hope. ;) I never know with this data connection.)

So check back later and wish me luck!

Having a Disney day!

The casual meet was fantastic! Learned new things and found out the story about the man ago modeled for the body did keep it a secret to surprise his family and passed away before he got to takes them to the World's Fair is true.

Now I am heading for Fort Wilderness to get ready for my tour! Crosses your fingers for me!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

AllEars December to Remember begins!

We had a wonderful morning with Martin, Cathi, and the baby in Animal Kingdom. May actually got his picture with Mickey! He ate a good amount and behaved: unlike last night, sweet Jesus! Then we did the safari, and to see his face when he saw those animals.... Magic.

It was the best time we ever saw the lion too.

Now John and I are going to Magic Kingdom for the first AllEars' event: behind the scenes of Carousel of Progress. Team members are going early to help out and I need to pick up my swag for my tour tonight. I wish this cold front had not come through. I don't want people wishing they had not come because it is cold.

Someone on the bus had a Mary Queen of the Universe bag! I always loved that name for the church. Talk about grandiose!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pixar parade

I hope you liked the parade broadcast on the webcam.   Marty did good with it, waving to the characters.

we are going to the back lot for now and then dinner at Mom's. Tonight, Osbourne lights! I hope.. ;)

A beautiful day.

Just thought I would share it with you.