Sunday, October 3, 2010

A simple little memorial for a lost pet

A simple, silly memorial for our dog Morgan that happened by accident. This little dog got put up there by the window haphazardly as I putted around the room.

The morning after we lost Morgan, I found it had been turned around as I dashed around getting Morgan to the hospital. It struck me, that look to the sky....

It said so much about my own feelings.

I've never moved it and he's in the same position to this day.

Her simple, little memorial.

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  1. this brought a tear to my eye, Erin...I miss you terribly at work...I miss your infectious laughter and kind spirit. We HAVE to get together some morning (at a REASONABLE hour of course) for breakfast/brunch. My best to John, especially in his newest production! Leaving this anonymously because I can't figure out what a "profile" is...LOL...James