Rifftrax LIVE with a Vincent Price movie this Thursday!

I can't wait! I love going to these. They always give a great night with lots of laughs. The ticket price is very affordable and with all they give you between the night itself and the shorts movie and other goodies in downloads, it's cheap and a great buy.

Seriously, if you ever enjoyed Mystery Science Theater 3000 or want to try a new type of comedy, come to see it on Thursday.

And if you can't make it Thursday, definitely check out the Rifftrax site.  It's not just old movies, they do the new ones too.  Clash of the Titans, Jaws 3, High School Musical, and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble are the latest ones out.  And you have to see the shorts: I highly recommend my favorite, One Got Fat.  It's a bicycle safety film for kids narrated by the narrator from Fractured Fairy Tales, Edward Everett Horton.  It's $1.  Trust me, it's worth more than that.


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