Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"If your dog is fat...'re not getting enough exercise."

That's how the quote goes. We could get away with it before. Morgan had the greatest metabolism. I wish I had HALF of hers! I wouldn't put on a pound! Casey can easily stay trim with the right food management and Elphie used to tear around the yard with Morgan.

Poor Rico, however, is like a lot of us: he looks at food and gains weight. In trying to keep his weight down, Casey's dropped because he'd try to get hers. So, I finally paid attention to the quote, realized my saggy butt could use the exercise too and started walking the dogs regularly. I tried to go each weekday at least, but if nothing else, several in the week.

Elphie has no problems with her young age and stocky build, but I have to watch Rico because being out of shape means he can't do a lot yet.  Yesterday, John joined us and we pushed it a bit far. I will say, those dogs slept well last night!

I also have to watch Casey who will turn 17 in a month. She goes as far as she wants and gives me the look that says "That's it." I scoop her up and carry her, letting her down at the park and other stops where Elphie and Rico signal the smells are good.  So she gets some exercise, keeping her fit, and I get some upper body work during the walk with her in my arms.  ;)  She settles against me when I carry her, head held high so she can still check out everything with her same old pride and bearing.  After all, it's her world, and she's letting us use it.

We were coming home this way a week ago when a couple pulled up in their car. Seeing Casey being carried, they joked about who was smarter.

"She's retired," I explained, "and I'm her electric scooter." 


  1. My dogs are fat. I think I might just get them a treadmill and keep playing solitaire on the computer. ;)