Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now that's loyalty.

John took this picture on our last vacation:

That's my Elphie waiting for me. John, for the fun of it, tried calling her and luring her away with promises of treats. She would not budge; she would not even shift her stance one bit. I was in that shower and I might need her. So she waited for as long as it took.

I also needed protecting which is why you can just make out Daytona in the doorway. He doesn't always stay right there; he will wonder off to see John or look for trouble and/or treats. And why not? He knows Elphie never will. So I'm safe.

I usually tease about this: does she think the terrorists are going to raid our bathroom?  But I just read a series of stories about dogs jumping in between their humans and a bullet or knife or fire...

So I'm not going to joke about it today. Today I'm going to say I'm lucky to have that undying love and loyalty. I should remember it and this:

"Be the person your dog thinks you are." ― J.W. Stephens

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