Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four years ago today...

John got to work like any other day. A co-worker, Jim, called him over to a car to see what was inside. John got there and saw:

A lost dog that had been abandoned and finally found his way to a co-worker's home. Jim's wife also worked with Oasis and said to John, "One of us is going to take him home" and Jim had large dogs that he worried would be too aggressive.

And that's how Rico entered our life, first as a foundling and foster who immediately got into our hearts. In one day, John told Oasis that we wanted to keep him. By the 24th, he was ours.

 One of the luckiest days in our lives: John's best buddy who helped him heal after losing our beloved Casey.

Where would we be without our snorting, snoring little man?

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