Friday, May 31, 2013

We arrived at the Fort!

John slept in a little bit this morning; he really needed it.  Poor guy was exhausted from not sleeping well the night before.  But we were on the road around 5am.

Traffic was fine for the most part; we had just reached the point where we wanted to be at Disney.  When we finally turned on to I-4, we were excited that traffic was going well, so we stuck with that route rather than turning on to Love Bug Road.  Unfortunately, a car accident happened up before the Disney exits and we got stuck in a traffic jam.  Luckily, no one seemed hurt and because this is a vacation trip report, I won't RANT about rubber neckers and their--- anyway.

 (I can't believe all the tents in that graphic; if you add up all the tents I've seen over the years, they wouldn't add up to half that many. ;) )

Such a relief to turn into Disney World; we had a brief rain as we pulled into Fort Wilderness, but it immediately stopped and stayed beautiful the whole rest of the day.  We got exactly the site we hoped to get!  We're right across from the dog park; just cut through the back of our site and voila! The entrance is right across the street!

Setting up is easy with the new camper; John got his ECV for the week (he has bad arthritis in his one knee), and we took the dogs to play in the park.  We had dinner at Trails End Restaurant; a great choice because not only is it a favorite and right here in our resort, but we were crying out for good food after a couple days of junk.  The buffet hit the spot, and right after I gave my body the good food it needed, I had red velvet cake and soft serve ice cream on the side. :)

The only hitch in a perfect check-in is our golf cart: for the first time, the guy we rent from has let us down.  He hasn't returned our phone calls for days, but his one associate swears everything is fine.  We're hoping it will all be cleared up in the morning.

Daytona seems to think we got the new RV so he could sprawl out on the big bed in the master bedroom.  

Tomorrow starts all the big plans!

We go into Magic Kingdom tomorrow!  In fact, tomorrow is one of the reasons why John wanted to be here at this time of year.  Gay Days started today and I said what a great positive experience it was the last time I saw it, he wanted to experience it too.

We're going to Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch; we're hoping if we go early, we won't have longer than a half hour wait. I've read nothing but good reviews for the counter service, so this should be fun!

The park is open late, so even with crowds, we'll get to see things.  More importantly, we've already promised each other not to let it get to us, but if it's crazy with people, we'll find a nice spot and just soak up atmosphere and doing one of John's favorite things: people watch. :)  Plus, coming back to the Fort to take the pups out.

In fact, one last walk for tonight and then it's off to bed!

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