Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Time to get ready for another Disney trip!

I've been working on two community theater shows, so I've only paid attention to the trip countdown in an abstract way.  Today I blinked and realized we leave 3 weeks from tomorrow!

We have a new RV -- really nice, our own pet friendly hotel room. And John surprised me with this trip!  He's wanted to do Star Wars weekends and Gay Days for years, and realized we can't keep putting things off.

Besides this first time experience for him, we're going to the new Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch (quick service) and several other new things. We're also taking the Cape May ferry on the first part of the trip, something we've wanted to do for years: we're going to enjoy this journey.  And we'll get to see some of our good friends while we're done there.

The blog background photo is by Samantha Decker.  And I'll have to get the webcam ready to go, plus make up cast member cards.

Fort Wilderness, we're coming home!

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  1. Yayyy! You have to have to have to make time to see Gaston. He is absolutely hysterical and everything I ever wanted that face character to be. Also Gaston's tavern is amazing. I was so stunned and had such a goofy smile while ordering the drinks (look! antlers! look! his chair! look!) that the CM at the counter gave us free pastries for being so excited.