Thursday, May 30, 2013

Enjoying the journey!

We have a new RV, much bigger and no more fold out beds or tent ends.  That alone adds new excitement to this trip.

But we also decided to do something we've talked about for some time.

We took the Cape May ferry instead of just shooting down 95.  We had a beautiful morning for it!  Clear, balmy, smooth water.  And the dogs got to do something only Casey has ever done before, when she used to travel on sales trips with John: sit on the upper deck in her own chair and have a PB&J Uncrustable.  In fact, John teased that they were "Livin' la Vida Casey". 
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He also joked that he was going to take every life jacket out of the compartments and cover his entire body with them. He knew we'd be ok without them. :)

Another new thing: we went through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. What gorgeous views!

It was really nice to have something different.  The ferry was a wonderful way to start the trip!

We got on 95 and stopped for gas & something to eat: our tradition of Waffle House.  The whole trip was very smooth, the new camper pulled like a dream.  We had one slight problem: Daytona somehow broke a toenail too low.  Poor thing; we have a pet first aid kit so I cleaned it up, he got the toenail off himself, and he felt better after a little while.  He's not showing any problems or pain with it, thank goodness.  In fact, he's been enjoying himself the rest of the day.

We are staying at Bass Lake Campground tonight (free wifi, baby!) and just relaxing. So nice having the camper all set up, just walk through the door like a hotel room except our clothes are already unpacked. We'll get an early start again tomorrow.

So what's that countdown to Disney?

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