Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To the people who thought the Rapture was coming on the 21st...

... I just found out that a number of believers killed their pets because they believed they would Ascend and leave no one to care for the animals.

Now the leader of this movement is saying he got the date wrong, that it's really coming in 5 months.

Please, if you're a follower of this movement, do not euthanize any more innocent pets.  People like me are here to care for such animals.  We're good people and we have references for how good we are with pet care.

You can find your local animal shelter and let them know you're concerned.  Look on Petfinders.com to see what shelters are in your area.

Please, in 5 months, you don't have to end your pet's life.  Let good people take care of them for you.

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