Abandoned puppy! Updated!

I'm going to foster an abandoned 3 month old puppy for Oasis Animal Sanctuary. His name is Daytona amd he's a mixture of Schnauzer, chihuahua and something else; the person who abandoned him -- supposedly dropping him off and picking up later - supposedly said a Chessel, but we can't find any such designer dog name, but I think it might mean Chihuahua and Jack Russel.  He was taken from his mom and litter mates at only 4 weeks old and then dumped.  Despite it all, he's a total love bug and He's housebroken

He comes in tomorrow at 3pm and then heads for a vet appointment to check his health.

As soon as I get his picture, I'll post it.  Then, if you want to give little Daytona a forever home, let Oasis know!


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