Would you trust your spouse to jab you?

I have to have sinus surgery next week, plus they did some testing. I got a couple allergies (2 types of grass and dust mites), including some kind of condition where my sinus cells are super sensitive to smells.

The medicine hasn't worked well yet, so they added a spray today. Of course, they have to see how I'll be after the surgery (to remove scar tissue from the first surgery that's making my sinuses constantly circulate instead of draining like normal).


The allergist warned me that the medicine may not work and I may have to do shots. To save money and trouble, she said she'd teach someone to give them to me instead of going to the doctor's each week. IF someone would be willing to do it...

I don't know if I could, at first thought. Jab someone I love knowing it'd hurt?

So I asked John with the understanding that he'd balk...

... or so I thought. He's actually more Smiley from millan.net.

It might be because he realized what I did on second thought: if this is what someone I love needed me to do, I'd do it.

Or it might be because I got all snippy on the phone the other day and then hung up on him.

Karma's a bit-- Smiley from millan.net


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