Following up at last

I'm doing okay.  I went back to work on Monday which ended up being a mistake: I got so dizzy, I couldn't get up from my chair. And most nights I'm wiped by the time I get home.

My doctor shook his head when he found out about going back to work before he told me to: he asked, "How did that go?" and when I mentioned the dizziness, he said "I bet".  Ah, live and learn.

The dizziness is gone now, but for some reason, my nose is really sore.  Like something hit it.  Still, it's small potatoes compared to what some people go through.

On Friday, I rolled over and felt a sore spot on my left hip.  When I asked John if I had gotten a shot, it started a stream of things-I-didn't-remember-coming-out-of-anasthesia.  I could not wake up!  It was such a sweet sleepy feeling, I couldn't fight it.  They'd tell me to open my eyes, I would, and I'd be asleep immediately again. 

Apparently I kept saying I wanted to see the dogs.  John would tell me to get up so I could go home and see them.  Once I sleepily reasoned: bring 'em here.  He laughed and told me that was impossible.

Because I couldn't stay awake, I thought the nurses were mad.  I told John "No one here likes me" 3 different times!  "But I love you" I'd crooned as I fell asleep again.

I did get a shot, for nausea.  Apparently, I got up too fast from the post-op for recovery.  I don't remember at all, although I do kind of remember thinking how good that chair felt in recovery.  The nurses talked to John and I'd suddenly chime in with one word and be out again.  And I asked John not to go to work -- like he was going to.  I finally did get to the car, of course, slept all the way home, got up, and dropped into bed where I went out for HOURS.  Oh, after the dogs realized I was "hurt" and lay close around me.  Then we all slept.  One of the best naps ever!  Shame you can't get that sleepy time drug for home use!

The dogs never left me; John had to feed them in the bedroom and drag them outside.  Protective, fuzzy little nursemaids. :-)

So, the doctor said the procedure went great and will really work for me.  It'll be another 3 weeks before I start to feel that.  Oh, and I have "spacers" in my sinuses so the scar tissue grows only where it should.  Spacers!  I asked John if he thought they looked like those plastic, white things they put on the top  of pizza so it doesn't stick to the box.  Or like the plastic air bubbles used in packing.  He said he knew he should have paid the doctor to go a little further and tweak my brain.

He had to work at a campground show all weekend, but he did come home at night instead of staying there.

Anyway, I'm doing fine.  I don't like my nose hurting like it's been punched, but again, I'm okay.  And I know too many people who have been through worse.


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