Saturday, November 30, 2013

My dogs feel betrayed.

Because we gave them a bath. :)

Rico is actually very good in the tub. He quietly stands there until he's done and you take him out.  I washed dogs and John dried them, so Rico was quite happy when he was handed over to be tousled fluffy and dry.

Daytona looked like I betrayed him, but stood there as long as you kept a hand on him. Just like Morgan, if you didn't have a hand on him, and he figured bath time is over, Hallelujah!  When we dried him and he dried himself more, he became 5 times more shaggy!  His mane fluffed out to epic proportions and he became something from the Lion King on Broadway, except he didn't need a mask.

He looked and dried himself like this dog in the video, except he didn't yell at us.  Just looked like we had utterly failed his faith in us. They did need a bath though, just like this little guy.

Am I the only one who thinks the guy with the camera sounds like Jim from The Office?

Elphie, as always, treats a bath like she's being waterboarded at Gitmo. It's constant wrestling and cries of horror and near escapes. I always end up as wet as the dogs when it's time for Elphie's bath.

She avoided even me for quite awhile in case I thought she needed another rinse cycle. John, on the other hand, was the big hero since he was the one who got them OUT of the bath and dried them off. He played this up to, petting them and whispering soothing things like, "Your mom hates you. I told her not to give you a bath."

Seriously, imagine if we had kids.

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