Friday, November 29, 2013

"Frozen" is a must see! So is the Mickey Mouse short with it!

"Get A Horse" is amazing animation! This new Mickey Mouse short starts off with a classic 1930s look for Mickey and it brings back all his classic buddies with him. Then Disney literally blows out the screen to bring Mickey into the modern world. John and I saw this in 3D which gave this an even more fantastic level. Not only does Mickey interacting with his B&W world given great contrast to his color, 3D self, but the 3D is amazing! Several times it felt like the characters really were coming in over our heads or right in front of us. And big brother Oswald has a cameo! Director Lauren MacMullan and her team made a masterpiece!

But she went one more step to be truly amazing: she uses Walt Disney's recordings to once again play his famous alter ego. That's right, Walt Disney himself plays Mickey Mouse one more time!

I can't applaud this enough. It's true Disney all the way through and I hope this is just the beginning for much more like this. Maybe even a Mickey and Oswald movie? (Followed by a ride in the parks.) Please!

 This started the night off perfectly for Frozen. This film embraced Disney classic with modern movie; several times, I caught myself going "wow....." Animation is top notch and the best yet. I could go on for paragraphs about it, but it simply is mind blowing so many times. There's not a frame that's not beautifully done.

The characters and their music: a new Disney queen and princess! Idina Menzel as Elsa blows away the audience with her acting and singing. Kristen Bell has more of the comedy as well as the heart in the movie.

I really want to see this again in the theater to get the full effect on the big screen, but it's one of those films where I know immediately I'm buying the Blu-Ray as soon as it comes out.  And like Tangled, I will actually agree with John that we need at least a 72" HD TV. A 3D one, preferably.

I simply can't wait to see what they do in the parks for this film!

Walt, I believe, would be very proud.

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