Monday, December 5, 2011

Walt's birthday!

I've been meaning to mention it all day!  This time last year, Deb Wills had her Illumination Party and released the AllEars Walt Disney Trading Card!  We all squealed like kids when we saw it.

As I write this, we can hear the Illuminations finale. 

Everybody pooped out at Downtonwn  on me.  ;) So we headed back.  John started grumbling again how the one PhotoPass Photographer thought he was Marty Jr's grandfather. ;)  He did get the baby to stop fussing on the way back and laugh instead.  But that turned to some more fussing eventually before he dropped off to sleep in Cathi's arms.  They need to get him to take naps.  He's just such a stubborn cuss.

He had a great time at the Marketplace though, riding the carousel and the little train, then on overload in World of Disney when we took him to the Plush section.  With cries of "Mi'Mouse! Mi'Mouse! Mi'Mouse!", he tore here and there, making the cast members laugh!

We had dinner at the Earl of Sandwich which is always good.  At the bus stop, we were surprised to see the Grand Floridian had to share a bus with Wilderness Lodge.  While we... lowly little campground we.... had our own bus.  Suck it, $300 a night!  LOL!

Our golf cart badly needs charging.  This afternoon, Martin would jump out, as a joke, on the slightest incline and run along side, pretending to push!  Tonight, John teased, "Remember how fast the cart was when it was just us going to Meadows, Marty?"  He said, "Yeah, we flew.  It blew our hair around in the wind!"

"Then it'd be a time machine besides a rocket," Cathi laughed because of their lack of said hair.

Tomorrow is an early day: Magic Kingdom with breakfast at Crystal Palace (Winnie the Pooh character meal) before the park opens!  (8:20)  That means great photos of Main Street and Castle with no decorations!  I'm hoping parade filming is over and the tree will be back in place in the Square.

Hopefully, my data signal will be good!  I'm really fed up with getting nothing.

Smiley from Good night and sweet dreams from site 542 in Fort Wilderness.  You can't miss it; it has the 12 foot Santa.

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