Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting ready for Disneyland!

It's getting close!  2 weeks from this coming Tuesday, I will be on the plane! So I started figuring out what I need to pack and get done before I left.

I made my Cast Member Appreciation card for this trip, to thank the people who work there when they really do a great job:

That great Walt portrait actually won a contest; it's done by Alex Palomares on  I got the magic from an email sent to me; I always save art pieces in case I could use them.  I really like this; I might use a variation for the Housekeeping (what fans call Mousekeeping) envelopes.

I made a couple dinner reservations for my sister Terry and I including Storyteller's Cafe and I'm going to make one for Blue Bayou with the Fantasmic viewing option!

We're staying at Paradise Pier with a view into the parks, and I'll set up a constant webcam so people can see see too!  I also have the webcam app for my droid phone, so I will broadcast from the parks as I go along!

Deb Wills and the members of the All Ears team are coming in for the weekend and the D23 expo!  Actors, Imagineers, Disney legends.... I haven't even gotten through the whole list yet.

I also hope to meet Oscar at the Carnation Cafe, the chef who has been there since 1956!  I have a menu from that time that I'm hoping to get autographed.

Plus, all the fun of the parks!  I haven't been there since I was a kid, so I get to do all my old favorites and see all the new things!  They've opened a number of new attractions just in the past couple months.

I'm starting to think one week isn't enough. :)

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