A bad night of sadness and injustice.

My aunt's husband passed away.  He was a good man, a veteran, educated and smart who learned the facts about things to form his opinions instead of repeating someone's rhetoric.  A loving husband and father.  He's been sick with Huntingdon's Disease.  So many will say "It's for the best", but it doesn't change the fact that my aunt is a widow and his son will never hear his father's voice again.

Right before that bad news came the ongoing nightmare my nephew and my sister are going through with the mother of his child, using his son as a weapon, making up charges, ruining his life, making her older son say things.... and the law is on her side: the mother is favored in courts, no matter all the facts against her.  Now my sister is a stranger to her infant grandson.  He didn't recognize her. And my nephew has to go to court this week to face another round of trumped up charges.

Nothing but heartbreak.


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