Monday, January 10, 2011

It was a day for doctors.

Starting with rushing Casey to the hospital early this morning; we thought she had a stroke.  She cried out in pain, waking me up, and was shaky on her feet.  She couldn't move her head and her body was tight.  When we got there and asked us for any information, John luckily remembered she had fallen down our family room steps, striking her back and neck hard.  She has a spinal injury, maybe to the vertebrae.  She has medication which will slowly be weaned out so we can see if this is permanent; hopefully, she'll be fine.  Meanwhile, the pills helped almost immediately.  She's moving around like normal -- even the arthritis in her back legs isn't bothering her as much -- and she has her spirit back.

Then it was my turn: the orthopedic doctor says the problem is neurological now.  He wanted me to take steroids as an anti-inflammatory for a week, but my insurance won't cover it. So I'm waiting to hear about that.  I have another anti-inflammatory to take after that and Vicodin for the pain.  I have to get an MRI and go to physical therapy.  I might have a ruptured or herniated disc, but I'm hoping it's more like sciatica and not something I have to deal with my whole life.

Casey and I had the same physical tests, actually: reflexes, mobility, what can we move until we cry out in pain... bending legs and feet.  And we both had cute doctors - although she probably didn't notice.  She did like his deep voice though and just cuddled into John's arms, focusing on the doctor's voice as he talked.

Smiley from millan.netSo Casey and I are chilling on the couch, drugged up and happy not to have the pain even if temporarily. (I thought Vicodin would make me more stoned and laughing at stupid things.  My head just feels a bit out of it.)  I'm going to lay down now because this sitting up and leaning forward is straining the back.  I just have to convince the dogs to let me have a space and maybe drug up John who's picking on me.  I don't get to cuddle in his arms, I guess. :)

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your back and I sure hope Casey is doing better. I'm sure this stuff just needs time to heal. :)