Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Health update

I got my MRI results yesterday: my one disc is herniated which is why I have the nerve pain going down the left leg.  I have to do physical therapy with traction and make an appointment with a pain management clinic.  The physical therapy may not be enough on its own, and if that happens, I go to the pain clinic for an injection into the herniated area.

The physical therapy is going to be expensive: $90 a week for 4 weeks.  Ugh...   I don't know about the pain clinic.

The good news is: when this is all done, the herniation will be healed, no permanent damage.

The MRI also picked up a large mass in my pelvis, the size of a baseball.  They don't know what it is since the scan was for the spine and didn't give enough of a look at it.  So I have to get an MRI of my pelvis to investigate what the mass is and see my ob-gyn for the results.

I'm thinking alien pod or unborn twin.

As for Casey:  her ultrasound showed an enlarged heart because one of her valves leaks.  They put her on medicine which cleared the fluid in her lungs and got her heart rate back to normal in a week.  But it's putting some strain on her kidneys, which already were sensitive, so she's on a kidney health diet and her medicine was cut in half.  She goes in 2 weeks to make sure the medicine is still effective and for an ultrasound of her kidneys.

She and I are making a lot of money for the medical industry. ;)

All the tests and vet visits had her exhausted and a little sore when I brought her back from her heart workup.  She dropped off to sleep for hours and I noticed Elphie & Rico were missing.  Elphie never leaves my side, so I went looking for them.  They were watching over Casey and didn't leave her side while she slept.

Just like if I cry out from a spasm, they're instantly by my side.

So that's it for now; I get my pelvic MRI on Monday afternoon and I'm getting the doctor's appointment now.  Hopefully, I won't have to wait too long to find out what this large mass is.

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