Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rifftrax LIVE tonight!

My friends Tootie and her husband Kyle are going with me, and they're bringing a friend of theirs too.  I've been looking forward to this for over a month. It's always a lot of laughs and a great time, plus I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Tootie and Kyle!

The guys are being interviewed all over the place because of the event.  Here's one thajavascript:void(0)t I really liked: my favorite part is the section on Crow and Servo slash fic. LOL!

Updated with summary:  a good time was had by all!

Another really funny event from the guys!  It started with their own slides instead of the usual theater advertisements.  I'm still laughing over one of them: Betty White signs up to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3.  Let me tell you; that's the only way I'd go see Transformers 3!

A few shorts led up to the movie.  One called "More Dangerous Than Dynamite" that really makes you wonder how human beings are supposedly sentient.  Women cleaning clothes in GASOLINE!  It must have been really done or they wouldn't advise against it; the best parts were the cheap and therefore hysterical animated flames on the one woman, and Bill pointing out that the headline for one gas fire placed more importantly on hundreds dying in a disaster!

A short on the arts and crafts kids can make out of grasses made me exclaim out loud (and more than once) who actually spends money on this garbage!  Not to mention, why torture kids into making grass headdresses when they should spend their time usefully like the rest of us: watching cartoons!  Every one of those kids in the short knew it too; not one of them had any sign of joy in what they were doing.  Quite frankly, they knew they were being set up for bullies in their neighborhoods and lifetime therapy.  On the other hand, Kevin running with a grass headdress and bowing to the screen should be a desktop on everyone's computer.

Last in the shorts line was the cartoon Frozen Frolics (I think).  As someone who has heard way too many times about how much better the good old days were in morality, wholesomeness, and entertainment, seeing a 30s cartoon where an adult sees a smaller person or a child dead and immediately rifles his pockets and steals his shoes, and then later, shove the kid to a bear to be eaten while he steals an expensive object (looking like he's humping it....)  yeah, this is what I got to say about the "wholesome good old days" myth.

Smiley from

Did I mention this was a cartoon? A cartoon for kids to watch of an adult feeding them to a bear so the adult can save themselves and steal things!  And what was that Bugs Bunny - Mickey Mouse mutant near the beginning?!


Then the main event!  The poor colorization alone made the movie hysterical!  Every joint had a different, bright color smoke.  It was like Skittles made a drug: smoke the rainbow!  And thanks to the guys for pointing out the stupid, constantly drug dealer has to bum a ride off his clients to pick up more pot! The guys had so many great riffs, I'm having a hard time picking out a couple to give you.  Like "Kramer!" and "I hope they don't cut away before I see if he's really going to write this down" and "I'm so busy, I'm thinking of getting a third clipboard."

And am I the only one who thought the blond guy looked like Criswell from Plan 9?

As always, Rifftrax gives an address with goodies for people attended the event, including great avatars of Reefer Madness characters.

Kudos to the people who won the competition for getting their jokes into the scripts.  Rifftrax is great about rewarding fan riffers and this was a great part of that.  Plus, they gave away an ipad with custom art on the back.  Hey, the ipad would have been great, but what really got me was the fun artwork.  I sincerely hope they'll just remove the apple and iPad logos and release this art on a shirt.  It's exactly what I want in a shirt talking about my love for Rifftrax.

We had a great time and we're already looking forward to the Halloween event on 10/28: House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price (who thankfully survived the dry cleaning fire).

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