Friday, August 13, 2010

Next week starts unemployment.

I start filing for my checks on the 18th. I'm glad that it's starting as far as getting some money in the house, but ugh...

And to continue the ugh, I've been updating my resumes and my cover letters for job postings I've seen. I have no problem writing or presenting myself in interviews, but I hate resumes and cover letters. Especially resumes. Even after working for hours on it, I don't know if it hits the right notes.  It's like asking a fiction writer to do non-fiction and vice versa.  They can, but it's not the strength.  It's a whole different style and approach.

Asking me to say 5 times over "I managed web sites projects and updated the sites" in new ways is my less strong areas.  Looking at it, it's a mental block I have just from hearing the word resume.  Besides, taking what I do and thinking of the 1000 people out there also saying it adds to the block.

Basically: Smiley from with a touch of Smiley from

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