Monday, June 21, 2010

Great first day!

I had a blast at the luau breakfast! I got a fantastic souvenir when a flower fell off of Stitch's lei! And despite what John says, I didn't steal it and Security isn't looking for me!

We got our golf cart, which only, so far, John's gotten to drive.  It's a speedy one too!

At Magic Kingdom, I danced behind the brass band as I went around to get pictures with the castle in the shot, and got caught at it by John and the band!  And when I danced more as I saw John recording it, a couple guys cheered me on with "Go, white girl! Go, white girl!"

I met Elizabeth at the Main Street Cinema who is a fellow Emperor's Groove fan!  I played with the webcam, thought we got Laugh Floor fast passes but they were for Buzz, so I proceeded to whoop John's butt!  We saw Hall of Presidents where John told a lot of bad jokes, and the river boat where we got nice photos.

At Animal Kingdom, we rode Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl - or as John calls it "The Puker", and saw a girl with blinking lights on her teeth.  We were with people experiencing Dinosaur and Tough to be a Bug for the first time which is fantastic to watch.

John hit the wall, so we rescued the dogs from the kennel and came back to relax.  I know I'm forgetting so much!  But when I remember, I'll update this.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Epcot!


  1. I gave up on "The Puker" years back can't take it anymore...

  2. So glad you're having a great time. Thank you for the phone call today!