My Sliding Doors Moment


Just remembered something: I had a brush with Disney fame back in the 2000s when my friend David Anderson contacted me about a project. If you met Dave, you know he was a former Imagineer and film maker. Marty Sklar asked him to be part of a team Diane Disney Miller was forming to make the definitive documentary series on her dad, Walt Disney. She was afraid people only saw her father as the corporate symbol, not the man, and Disney had a special DVD series released in tin boxes; one of those about Walt would fit perfectly. 
Dave told me that he picked me because I had what Diane and Marty wanted: project skills, a love of Walt, a love for Disney but not a yes man, enthusiasm for the project. With their ok, he asked me. I spoke with John (I wouldv've quit my job, rent a place to live or move) and then said yes.
Somebody probably remember this because I told everybody!
Unfortunately, Disney didn't want to do the "full look at Walt" and it fell through. It happens. Diane Disney Miller and her son turned that passion into the Walt Disney Family Museum. I guess in a parallel universe, that Erin did do the project. But I'm still honored Dave thought of me & for a moment, Diane Disney and Marty Sklar talked about me. Pretty cool.



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