Friday, October 26, 2012

What a way to start the trip!

I lost my phone and didn't know until we went to leave this morning.  Of course I handled it with all maturity and absolutely didn't get all snarky with John or freak out at all.

Smiley from
But my good friends Mirko, Jo, and Katie have bailed me out, getting my phone and sending it out to me.

Give them a thanks from me: go enjoy a fantastic meal at Mirko's Taste of Europe and ask for Katie as your server.  I am doing you a favor by recommending it to you!  And you'll agree when you have the food and Katie's great service!

Knock wood, trip on the road has been fine.  Drizzling rain in Viriginia, but stopped back there.  South Carolina has sun with some clouds and warmer.  I hope we're headed into even better weather.  We're not supposed to get the storm at all that is headed for the NorthEast.

Everyone be safe!

We're stopping for lunch soon and I'll drive some more.

Everyone cross their fingers that everything else goes great!

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