Saturday, June 25, 2011

Michener Family picnic today

My mom's family descended from the Micheners.  The only way you may have heard the name before is James Michener, the novelist. The family came to America centuries ago, back when it was just colonies.  At some point, someone decided to keep track of descendents which carries on to today. My grandmother was the last of our family to have the name Michener.

For 106 years, the family reunites for a picnic - or at least whoever wants to come reunites.  We haven't gone in a long time, even though my mom talked about it.  Now, when we're missing her and the anniversary of losing her is days away, we're going today.

It is amazing to look around at hundreds of people and know that at the core, you're all related.  You're family. We've even had times when we run into someone who looks amazingly like us.  Some genetic code that crosses the distance and brings you closer together.

And it'll be fun!

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Okay, I don't know if they'll have any hammocks. ;)

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