Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wrapping up Wednesday

We had so much fun at dinner, then meeting up with Marcus, Karen, Amy, and her mom. We had so many laughs -- and what that mural is about in the men's room will just stay a secret.... it won't even make the book we're going to published of all the outrageous stories we had about Disney World.

Then John surprised me with a sleigh/carriage ride around Fort Wilderness. It was wonderful. I highly recommend Star as a carriage driver; she loves her work, even does the Magic Kingdom Christmas parade, and enjoys sharing Fort Wilderness with people. She played carols throughout the ride to add an extra touch to the experience. We enjoyed the ride so much.

But then we had a problem: John had money fall out of his pocket and no one would be a decent human being and turn it in. He felt so soured by the experience, we came back to our room instead of doing the Photowalk around the Fort Wilderness decorations.

The day started on a sour note. Our Mobile Hotspot will not stay stable enough for the webcam through (it barely holds it together for this and email; it already shut off 2 times) and Verizon doesn't offer the tether connection through my phone anymore. I got a migraine this afternoon and had to come back here to rest before dinner. Now the money thing happened.

John stopped at the food court and I came to the room to finish our window decorations:

Right after I took this picture, the lights came crashing down.... for the 3rd time.  I had it.

But then John came in the room with another surprise: a Pluto Pook-a-Looz for me!  I had told him that I was drawn to these plushes even though they're so odd looking.  And he knew how much I missed the pups, so he picked out this little guy for me!

It made me so happy!  We fixed the lights, we're going to start over tomorrow with a lot of fun plans including a Crystal Plaza breakfast before Magic Kingdom is open to the public, and ending with a ton of meets and Mickey's Christmas party.  So I'm getting into pjs, watching Mickey's  Once Upon a Christmas and remembering all the good things that happened today.  Most especially: here we are on vacation!

Good night all!

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