Saturday, May 21, 2011

So today is the end of the world...

... according to some people.  If it is, I have a message for my friends and family: I love you.  I hope you know.  I only know a couple of Born Again Christians, but I wish them well as they ascend into Heaven, leaving the rest of us to fry in the next five months.  Before they ascend, let me know if you want me to take care of your pets for you after you float off.  Shame I'm not going: I'm a lot of fun.

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One other thing before earthquake comes or not: pretty cold of the guy who decided today was it to plan on basically saying "Oops!  I forgot to carry the one!" if the Rapture doesn't start today.  After all, people gave up their jobs etc. to carry on your word, buddy.  You shouldn't play around like that; wouldn't that cause you to lose your elevator trip up when the day does come?

And since the Rapture takes 5 months, does this mean I can still go to Disneyland in August?  I just don't if anyone will be at the airline...

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