Friday, April 11, 2014

Writer's block. Or inability to focus... or both.

And that's it!

Even with all the stories in my head, trying to get them from there to the "page"... uh, no. Even with writing in this blog: I have spent so many days, months, years thinking of things that I want to post and ... black hole.

This wonderful art piece is by Lissa Treiman.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now that's loyalty.

John took this picture on our last vacation:

That's my Elphie waiting for me. John, for the fun of it, tried calling her and luring her away with promises of treats. She would not budge; she would not even shift her stance one bit. I was in that shower and I might need her. So she waited for as long as it took.

I also needed protecting which is why you can just make out Daytona in the doorway. He doesn't always stay right there; he will wonder off to see John or look for trouble and/or treats. And why not? He knows Elphie never will. So I'm safe.

I usually tease about this: does she think the terrorists are going to raid our bathroom?  But I just read a series of stories about dogs jumping in between their humans and a bullet or knife or fire...

So I'm not going to joke about it today. Today I'm going to say I'm lucky to have that undying love and loyalty. I should remember it and this:

"Be the person your dog thinks you are." ― J.W. Stephens

Monday, March 31, 2014

Makes me feel like a failure....

I swore I would never let myself get fat again. Instead, I not only put all the weight I lost back on, I put another 20 - 30 pounds heavier. I have never looked or felt so terrible.

So I made myself get started again; can't just whine! Get out there, work on it!

I went back to the gym today and back to eating better. It would have been easy to push it to tomorrow, but I made myself go. I worked out for a half hour on the sky machine -- not a lot but it's something! And I felt good that I carried through with what I said.

Then I went to shower and change... ... and caught what I look like in the mirror.

So very ugly. And every bit of good feeling and intention fled.

I'll still go back, but I can't get that horrible true image out of my head.

TheFrantics - Her First Period

This is sooooo funny! I was bent over double with laughter!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The NFL is a non-profit corporation?!

That is bullshit!

Somehow, the NFL got itself declared a non-profit corp.! They don't pay taxes AND they get government subsidies!
  • They make $10 BILLION dollars a year AND PAY NO TAXES ON IT!
  • They take another BILLION DOLLARS  A YEAR in government assistance!
Assistance for what?! To make 20 Billion next year?! To pay Commissioner Roger Goodell's a whopping $29.5 million dollars-a-year salary? That is 15 times more than what the league gives to charity!

What a disgusting mockery! A mockery of real non-profit companies! A mockery of people who really need government help!

We, the tax payers, need the league to pay their fair share of taxes AND put that billion dollars a year in assistance back into our economy!

If you're not disgusted by this, that's part of this whole wrong situation.  If you want to help get this travesty undone so the taxes and subsidy goes into our economy, check out  This is not some liberal leftist attack on the upper class. One of the founders is Ryan Rudominer, a proud shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. That's right: an NFL shareholder agrees the league needs to be a giving part of this country like any successful company.

The news and the government are starting to take notice and speaking against this. But a lot of people still don't know it's going on or protecting the league.

Just let them know you want that billion going to real needs and the taxes we'd get to go into the country's infrastructure.

All it takes is you signing an online petition. 30 seconds to help yourself and everyone else. The NFL will still be a hugely successful organization with all of its revenue avenues still bringing in the profits. No one is saying that is wrong. I'm saying that a successful company that is a profit organization should pay taxes like all other companies and not get government assistance.

Please sign the petition. You'll see my name there.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Walt Disney World Mobile Webcam

I'll be using my mobile webcam while we're in Disney World!  I hope you enjoy it!

If the webcam freezes on your computer, there's nothing I can do. And please don't text or call while the webcam is running. It interrupts the signal.Thank you!

Streaming live video by Ustream