Thursday, May 16, 2019

See if Mom needs your help

OK, this doesn't go under Positive in the Moment, but I was behind a senior woman in line at a cash register. She had physical limitations; just getting her debit card out was a major effort. Her car keys dropped and I picked them up to hear her say how tough it would be to get things to her car. (It was a drug store; you can't take the shopping cart out.)

I waited half a second because they have 2 staff members -- one not doing anything at the moment -- and 2 guys. So I jumped in and said I'd go with her. The guy behind me said, "Do I got to wait for you?" I said no and loaded the things to the car, then helped the woman. 

She kept thanking me -- but here's the thing. I was frustrated in the line behind her too, thinking I'd be late for work and work so negative already. I was ashamed of that as I watched her struggle. 

People always ask me who's going to take care of me when I grow old since I have no kids; so I asked her did she have kids, expecting her to say no. But she said yes, 2 of them, but they lived far away and she wasn't going to intrude on their own lives. 

I worried about her carrying those bags when she got home, but she said she'd take her time. I wished her a Happy Belated Mother's Day and she just lit up.I hope she had a neighbor. 

Meanwhile, I wish her kids would say, Mom needs help, let's get her some since we live far away. C'mon, she's your mom and you don't want strangers around; what if they take advantage?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

So lucky to have Lizzie!

This sweet girl joined our family four years ago today!


My head has been killing me for the past week. It feels like someone pulled my scalp extra tight and then tied it into a knot at the base of my neck.