Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My first night...

I spent it drunk with happiness and awe at all that I see. To walk down Walt's Main Street, to have it feel at first so familiar and then have it be completely different. They still have some of their Penny Arcade and their Main Street Cinema is still a Cinema! That brought back so many memories! Including my mom thinking the mannequin in the ticket booth was a real person and thinking she was rude for not answering questions! Mom was so embarrassed, and then relieved when a group of people thought the same thing she did. :)

I saw THE bench from Griffith Park where Walt first dreamed of Disneyland, where he spent many "Daddy's day with the daughters", you know that story. It's here and a nice cast member took my picture with it.

I also met Richard in the Emporium who shared his love of Walt and Disney history. We had a wonderful talk (he told me Oscar is still here!); I gave him one of my Cast Member Appreciation cards and then went to City Hall to put his name in for doing a great job!

I almost left right then because someone let me know that the glare from the room's lights was throwing off the webcam. But I already missed "World of Color" (or so I thought), so I got in line for Star Tours and met a fantastic family standing in front and another single rider behind me. The time passed so quickly with all of us ooing and ahing! Unfortunately, I was separated from them at the ride, so I couldn't say goodbye! But I LOVED THE RIDE!!! It is SO fantastic!! We had a combination Hoth, major battle over another world, and Princess Leia delivering a hologram! As she faded away, one man called out, "I love you!" :)

I then did Nemo to see the night lighting and decided to take the monorail back. You can ride up front still here! But it was already taken. Still, to be in those retro monorails with the windows open on the beautiful night is just so wonderful.

I can't believe I'm here.

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  1. When we first went to Disneyland, the opening notes to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Mix (on one of the million Disney park soundtracks I had) played as Mom & I walked up to the castle - it was the beginning of When You Wish Upon a Star. She began to cry, because this was the castle she watched on TV every Sunday as a kid and she never thought she'd see it in person. And then I lost it. We're a great pair.

    Have a lovely trip and for the love of Pete don't leave a park to take care of a webcam! We'll survive just fine!