Thursday, August 4, 2011

I was laid off one year ago.

I did not get laid off because of the economy; the company was making lots of profit.  Instead, they eliminiated position because they were going to build a "state of the art" new website and only the "state of the art" designers in IT could do it.  Here is that groundbreaking design they felt I couldn't do:

Puzzled Smiley from
I know exactly what you're feeling when you see it: Goosebumps Smiley from

Repeat: I did NOT make that design.  This is a sample of one of my designs.  It's for the Disney podcast I'm doing called Mouse on the Couch.

Remember, I didn't do this:

Because they felt that design was beyond me.    I can only work on sites like this:

and this:

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  1. Thinking of you...and what a mistake they made too... not that that helps... :)